Roleplaying Games which I’ve played

I’ve played since I was ten years old and have encountered a number of games since then. The list is in some kind of pseudo-chronological order. Games which I only have GM’d but never played are marked with Only GM'ed, haven't played and those I never GM’d but only played are marked with Only played, haven't GM'ed.

Swedish games

  1. Drakar och Demoner (Original version) / Expert Drakar och Demoner / Gigant Drakar och Demoner / Samuraj Drakar och Demoner
  2. Mutant (Original version) / Mutant 2
  3. Sagan om Ringen
  4. Mutant (Cyberpunk edition)
  5. Chock (One session in the early 1990ies.) Only GM'ed, haven't played
  6. Drakar och Demoner (1991 edition) Only played, haven't GM'ed
  7. Western (3rd and 4th edition)
  8. Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare
  9. Westmark Only played, haven't GM'ed
  10. Noir
  11. En Garde III Only GM'ed, haven't played
  12. Drakar och Demoner Trudvang Only played, haven't GM'ed
  13. Guld och Bly Only played, haven't GM'ed
  14. Mutant: År Noll (M0) Only played, haven't GM'ed / Genlab Alfa (M0:GA) Only played, haven't GM'ed / Maskinarium (M0:M) Only GM'ed, haven't played
  15. Ensamma Vargen (Aska över Torseth, Gothcon XXXIX 2015) Only played, haven't GM'ed
  16. Nyckelringsrollspelet Only played, haven't GM'ed
  17. Coriolis: Mörkret mellan stjärnorna Only played, haven't GM'ed
  18. Troubleshooters Only played, haven't GM'ed

English games

  1. Call of Cthulhu Only GM'ed, haven't played
  2. Twerps (One session in the early 1990ies.) Only GM'ed, haven't played
  3. Rolemaster (2nd edition)
  4. Amber Only played, haven't GM'ed
  5. Dungeons and Dragons 2nd ed (One session some time 1990-1992.) Only played, haven't GM'ed
  6. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplayinggame Only played, haven't GM'ed
  7. Shadowrun (2nd Only played, haven't GM'ed, 4th Only played, haven't GM'ed editions, 5th Only GM'ed, haven't played editions)
  8. Paranoia (One session 1996 or 1997.) Only played, haven't GM'ed
  9. Over the Edge
  10. Werewolf Only played, haven't GM'ed
  11. TOON (One session 1999 or 2000.) Only played, haven't GM'ed
  12. GURPS Only played, haven't GM'ed
  13. Everway Only played, haven't GM'ed
  14. Risus Only played, haven't GM'ed
  15. Vampire Only played, haven't GM'ed
  16. S.L.A. Industries Only played, haven't GM'ed
  17. Dying Earth Only played, haven't GM'ed
  18. Blue Planet Only GM'ed, haven't played
  19. Babylon 5 (d20) Only played, haven't GM'ed
  20. In a Wicked Age Only played, haven't GM'ed
  21. Angel Only played, haven't GM'ed
  22. Mouse Guard Only GM'ed, haven't played
  23. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition Only played, haven't GM'ed
  24. Fudge Only played, haven't GM'ed
  25. Fate Core System
  26. The One Ring
  27. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Only played, haven't GM'ed
  28. Exalted 3rd Edition Only played, haven't GM'ed
  29. Legend of Five Rings Only played, haven't GM'ed
  30. Victoriana Only played, haven't GM'ed

Games I own

A discussion with a friend of mine ended up in that I listed the games I own, in some pseudo-chronological order. The rules are as follows: The game shall not be a new edition of a previous game—Shadowrun 1st edition is the the same as the 5th—but if there is substancial changes to the world or rules it might be included (q.v. Warhammer 1st edition and 3rd). A new game which is set in another part of the ”old” world is not a new game, even if the game is self-contained (e.g. Drakar och Demoner Chronopia or Drakar och Demoner Samuraj). Only physical copies are listed; games published as part of magazines or those I only own as PDFs are not included.
  1. Mutant (MT, MT2)
  2. Drakar och Demoner (DoD, EDD, GDD, SDD)
  3. Sagan om Ringen (SRR)
  4. Rolemaster (RM2)
  5. Call of Cthulhu (4th and 30th anniversary edition)
  6. Shadowrun (SR1, SR5)
  7. Gurps
  8. Western (2nd, 3rd and 4th edition)
  9. Blue Planet (BP2)
  10. Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare (MUA)
  11. Mage
  12. Twerps
  13. Amber
  14. S.L.A. Industries
  15. Over The Edge (2nd and 3rd edition)
  16. Lone Wolf (OGL, Mongoose Publishing)
  17. Noir
  18. Mouse Guard
  19. En Garde Ⅲ
  20. Viking
  21. Neoviking
  22. Macho Women With Guns (MWWG)
  23. Nobilis
  24. Fate Core System
  25. Mutant: År Noll (M0) / Genlab Alfa (M0:GA) / Maskinarium (M0:M) / Elysium (M0:E)
  26. Svavelvinter
  27. The One Ring — 1st edition by Cubicle 7, and 2nd edition by the Free League (Kickstarter)
  28. Cthulhu Confidential
  29. Blades in the Dark
  30. Symbaroum
  31. Ironsworn
  32. Chivalry & Sorcery (C&S) (Kickstarter)
  33. Travellers on a Red Road (Lulu)
  34. Whitehack (Lulu)
  35. Odd soot
  36. Mutant: Hindenburg (Kickstarter)
  37. Kopparhavets hjältar (Kickstarter)
  38. Wicked Ones (Kickstarter)
  39. Neotech
  40. Exalted (3rd edition) and Lunars – Fangs at the Gate
  41. Legend of the Five Rings (5th edition)
  42. Hearts of Wulin (Kickstarter)

Games I’ve Crowdfunded

And since we are on the topic off bragging, the following are games etc. I’ve crowdfunded (those that have been delivered are listed above):
  1. Genlab Alfa (M0:GA) (Indiegogo)
  2. Maskinarium (M0:M) (Kickstarter)
  3. Elysium (M0:E) (Kickstarter)
  4. Horror on the Orient Express (Kickstarter)
  5. Mutant: Hindenburg (Kickstarter)
  6. Over the Edge 3rd edition (Kickstarter)
  7. Kopparhavets hjältar (Kickstarter)
  8. Hearts of Wulin (Kickstarter)
  9. Wicked Ones (Kickstarter)
  10. Chivalry & Sorcery (Kickstarter)
  11. The One Ring, 2nd Edition (Kickstarter)
  12. Blue Planet: Recontact (Kickstarter)

Games I’ve written

For completeness sake, the following are games which I’ve written. I do not know if these count towards the list of games I own…
A knock-off of Drakar och Demoner. When I was 11-12 years old I did what most do at that age; write a game of your “own” which is just a copy of the only game you know. To my defence I did not add a lot of “cool extras” like flaming swords or pet dragons. Yes, it was called Adventure, with the rest of the rules written in Swedish.
Rolemaster for Expert Drakar och Demoner
An adoption of Rolemaster Arm’s Law (second edition) to Expert Drakar och Demoner.
Simul magicam, technicae signa
A minor modification of Fate Core System for a set of scenarios based on Retribution Falls and Arcanum.
Tomten är borta! (Santa Claus is gone!)
A trival game for a Christmas one-shot; the characters were children and had only two traits: their name and their age. When they tried to accomplish something, they rolled a die with sides “equal” to their age (5 years = d4, 6 years = d6, 7 years = d8, 8 years = d10). The players made their own character sheets by writing their name and age on a slip of paper with crayons.
Fate of Cthulhu
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