The Orcs That Came By Night


The PCs have been in their homevillage (or some other village of the GM’s choice) for some time for rest. Soon they recieve messeges from refugees that the surrounding villages have been subject to orcraids, and everything points to that the PC’s village is next… It doesn’t have to be orcs, even humans will do. The point is that the PCs hopefully will be standing in front of a moral dilemma, should they stay or run for help? The players have a number of possible solution to the problem, e.g.:


It is a band of 40 orcs and 8 humans that have gathered and started to plunder the surroundings. They are well equiped, disciplined and by high moral from all the victories so they won’t surrender so easily. They don’t fight to death (although they know that they can’t count on the villagers mercy) but try to retreat and regroup instead if they are facing a defeat. This is not a five minute exercise with the sword and bow. They plan to attac one or two villages more and then move to other regions since they count on that the king’s troops will arrive soon enough.

The leader for the orcs is called Garmesh and the humans leader is called Haldrim and they are both skilled warriors and good leaders. The left half of Garmesh’s face is deformed by a great big, badly healed scar and he is therefor easily to recognize.

The dicipline in the band is hard but the members are satisfied, they get food, riches and victories. They fight in group altough they are formible foes singlehanded too, the PCs won’t be able to fight them off like a bunch of bugs on a table. They will have to fight for eavery inch to defend their village.

If the players can’t come up with something the fate of their village will be the same as with the rest of them and they only have two days! By midnigh in two days the orcs will come for a visit. Brute force would probably not solve this adventure.

Data for the orcs and villagers is up to the GM but the orcs should be at least as good as the PCs. Who wins the fight is up to the GM but you can always let the king’s troops finally arrive at the last moment if the villagers defeat is obvious. But let the players taste the bitterness of defeat if you think they deserve it, every adventurer needs to be taken down to earth sometimes. Just to remind them of that they are mortals who is only alive due to the kindness (?) of the GM…

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