Over the Edge - new traits etc.

Over The Edge is a roleplaying game by Atlas Games. Some of the traits etc. below are aimed at my London 1890-campain.

New side-traits

Computer Hacker
The ability to gain access to and get super-user privileges etc. on a foregin computer system. (signs?)
Computer Programmer
The ability to write programs for computers (all sizes and all computer languages). (Carries a large programmable calculator for which he writes a Lemmings or Linux port.)
The noble art of selfdefence.
Run your sword thru your opponent.
Technical Capable
Has fundamental understanding of technology and can operate most “simple” machinery within the hour. Needs up to an hour of trial-and-error. 2/3
Technical Understanding
Has a good understanding of technology and can operate all simple and most advanced machinery within the hour. Needs up to an hour of trial-and-error. 1/2
Hears, sees and knows what is going on in the city. Knows who is who and who is doing what. 50-70% of knowledge is facts and 30-50% is gossip. If he doesn’t know something he know who to ask. (”Who is that gentleman over there?”) 2/3
Electricity is one of mankinds gretest inventions/discoveries. To use it to light up rich men’s diningroom as an extravaganza during fancy evening parties is an sheer insult to Nature. One of it’s greatest uses is to cure diseases - everything from broken legs to baldness to feeblemindness. (”Please, just sit down in this … euhm … chair.”) 1/2

New Flaws

Cannot operate machinery. Is mildly scared of technology. (”What was good for my father is good for me.”) Note: Not a real phobia!

New fringe powers

Predict Act of Person
The person with this fringe power has the ability to get a feeling for what a person is about to do within the next minute. Warning! This is not a mind-reading ability. Example: A person in a bar thinks it’s about time to take a cab to the boss and tell him that the player character has entered the bar. The PC then can determin that the person will leave the bar and might take a cab. The PC wil not know why the persons leaves the bar or whereto he is going. It’s the act and not the reason that is predicted - and only for the closest period of time (approx. one minute).

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