Achtung Baby

About The Album

  1. Bono once said that this was their most serious album, with the most nonsense title. "Achtung" is German for Attention! or Watch out! and is often used as an order or a warning.

    Jonas Steverud (Maintainer of U2MoL) (contributed at an unknown date)

  2. In Bill Flanagan's book, U2 at the End of the World, Edge says he believes that during the making of Achtung Baby, Bono may have been influenced by the problems going on in Edge's life, but also many more people's stories other than Edge's. Flanagan suggests that it would have been very easy to end the album with Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World. In a way that would have made the the listener think that all has been forgiven. But U2 goes on and makes us, the listener, face the consequences of mistakes and betrayals, asking still for forgiveness and searching for guidence. Yeah, it's not a very comforting ending, is it? But that's ok, I think. I suppose that's what we've learned. Things aren't all okay out there, Edge replies.

    Laura, SweetKnox2@aol.com (contributed before the 20:th of February 1998)

  3. Way back then, they said that it was no coincidence that "acht" is German for eight. It is the bands 8th album.

    Tom Buelens U2@TomBuelens.Com (24:th of March 2002)