Rattle And Hum

When Love Comes To Town

  1. This song is about the redemptive power of love, with a biblical theme.

    katie duncan nick_tiger_baby@yahoo.com (contributed before the 20:th of February 1998)

  2. Bono is quoted on the rattle and hum tour as saying that when love comes to town is about BB king and when he came to ireland on a tour.

    Ken Shilling kenshilling@gmail.com ( 4:th of March 2005)

  3. 'Bono and I met BB King in Dublin and he said, Hey, you guys should write me a song. We said, Ah, yeah. I thought it was unlikely but a while later Bono said, Remember BB King? Well I've done this song and it's pretty good. We liked it so much we decided to use it on Rattle and Hum and asked B.B. if he'd join us.' -Edge speaking to Q Magazine, December 1998

    From Salvation in the Blues, compiled by Chris Taguchi chris@taguchi.ca (3rd of April 2007)