1. I think the song seconds is basically about politics the nuclear arms race It takes a second to say goodbye, push the button pull the plug.

    Naveef Hussain Asghar nha@coventry.ac.uk (contributed before the 20:th of February 1998)

  2. I agree with Mr Asghar above but think it aslo extends to all "activists" around the globe. All politically involved people that are (or were to be more specific - but they do still exist) working night and day to destroy their political enemies. (You can assemble them anywhere/.../ A revolution every day). They are the puppets, but it's the puppets that pull the strings (influence the politicians to make the decisions). They know in their hearts that they do the right thing and that their view of the world is the right one. And they will fight for it - at all costs - even the construction of an atom bomb.

    Jonas Steverud (Maintainer of U2MoL) (contributed at an unknown date)