All that You Can't Leave Behind

In A Little While

  1. I believe this song is about Bono's relationship with Ali and his family. On U2.com, Adam describes Bono when they were working on ATYCLB:

    'Bono's lyrics this time, in a sense, they're less poetic, less romantic and more real. To me they're much more about where he's coming from and what he's dealing with. I think this record has a great tenderness. And I'm sure it addresses the way he feels about the commitment to the band and to his family, to his children and Ali.' Adam

    I think the song comments on being a rock star and having to be away from loved ones, be it for a tour or a publicity junket or a cause like Jubilee 2000 - he says "In a little while, This hurt will hurt no more, I'll be home, love".

    I think the song is Bono speaking to Ali. He is constantly away "blown by every breeze" and understandably this means that he misses out on what is going on at home "My, how you've grown, Well it's been, It's been a little while". Bono also refers to "his girl" in this song as the girl with Spanish eyes. Bono wrote the song Spanish Eyes (b-side for I Still Haven't Found)

    I also think that this song is about being away from his family because in a recent interview Bono was talking about his son John and said being a "cyberdad" didn't sit well with him. He thought it was sad that he had to track his son's progress through e-mail.

    Aspasia aspasm_p@yahoo.ca (16:th of August 2001)

  2. When Bono sings about the "little girl with spanish eyes" he is referring to one of his daughters, not to Ali as many suppose. He says he first saw her "in a pram they pushed her by" ( at the hospital when she was born; babies are carried on a pram or perambulator). Obviously one of his daughters got her mother's eyes (spanish eyes)...cute isn't it?

    Rosamelia Martinez henrikibsen@mixmail.com (20:th of September 2001)

  3. On the Elevation tour show in Boston on June 6th, 2001, Bono said that the song In a Little While was originally about a hangover; however, he now sees it as a gospel song due to the effect it had on Joey Ramone. Said Bono, "So this is a song that Joey Ramone loved... We played it to him while he was lying in his hospital bed a couple months back. It was the last song that Joey Ramone heard in his life here, and... That's an amazing thing for someone who grew up as a fan of Joey Ramone, I can tell you that. Anyway, Joey turned this song about a hangover into a gospel song, I think. 'Cause that's the way I always hear it now, through Joey Ramone's ears." Elevation 2001/U2 Live From Boston

    Tom Ordeman ordeman@proaxis.com (18:th of April 2002)