All that You Can't Leave Behind

Wild Honey

  1. I think this is a very spiritual song. Bono is speaking for God in a sincere and loving way, calling out on human kind, reminding us that love and joy are to be found in the simplest of things and the most basic of forms. With the metaphor about the monkey, bono is referring to the fact that we led happier lives in our primitive stages. Now we're much too busy worrying about our earthly possessions I know your garden is full, but is there sweetness at all God's telling us that we know the way to godliness, because that's where we all come from, and that's where we'll all end up eventually, it's up to us to decide when You can go there if you please We're no strangers to Him Did I know you even then, before the clocks kept time, before the world was made He's always been, and will always be there for us I'm still standing where you left me while we're enfulfed unnecessarily in a wrestle against ourselves You still growing wild with everything tame around you

    Rick Morales rick@backpacker.com (8:th of June 2001)

  2. I believe Wild Honey is all about innocence. In the bible primitive humans lived a perfect existance in paradise, teh garden of eden. Evolution says we used to be monkeys. bible says we were not conscious. monkeys are not conscious beings. bono is saying that his love is like the ancient innocent happy love we must have had before we were truly conscious (monkey chasing through the trees or something like that). Before we became conscious before the clocks kept time everything was so perfect we lived in paradise, or the Garden of Eden as the bible calls it. there is a line in WH about the garden i believe?

    Peter Douglas pdouglas@tinyworld.co.uk/balfron123@hotmail.com (19:th of June 2004)