No Line on the Horizon

Stand-Up Comedy

  1. SOH The funniest line on the album may be on Stand Up Comedy: "Beware of small men with big ideas." Are you referring to yourself?

    Bono "Yeah! For sure. That is the funniest line. Of course. It's saying, stand up to rock stars. That's about choosing your enemies, too. What are you gonna stand up for and what are you gonna stand up against? I love the notion of standing up to rock stars. Because they are a bunch of fucking megalomaniacs [laughs]. If you don't laugh at the end of that line, there's no hope. When I wrote it, I burst out laughing."

    The wanderers, Sean O'Hagan, The Observer, Sunday 15 February 2009

    Chris Taguchi chris@taguchi.ca (4th of March 2009)