Last Night on Earth

  1. Bono said it's about a woman's suicide. In the clip a woman is laid on the ground. And it's why She's living like it's the last night on earth/She doesn't care what it's worth/The less you know the more you believe/She's not waiting for anyone/The future is so predicitable/The past is too umcomfortable.

    Karine Maucourt kmaucour@igr.fr (contributed before the 20:th of February 1998)

  2. I think we can understand completely this song after watching the clip. The world is fake, and just like Numb, this song is about media, and how it MAKES our reality. That's why the old man with a camera, in the end of the clip, appear and we could read: "the truth is really out there". In the lyric, we can read She feels the ground is giving away, but she thinks we're better of that way. She's better of the way, and she knows that in fake world, news are fake to... She's at the bus stop with the news of the world and the sun, here it comes.... She don't care if the world just break up, because every little thing is not real. And maybe, if the world break up, we could wake up in the reality... And that's why you gotta give it away. This song have a strong relation with Staring At The Sun, because the theme is the same: the fake world we live in.

    Felipe Magaldi felipemagaldi@hotmail.com (18:th of May 2003)

  3. I think that this is about Paula Yates, who left Bob Geldof for Michael Hutchence around this time. Bono was very fond of Paula, but she went on a mission of self destruction, using drugs and partying. She was in the tabloids every day (News of the World and The Sun are british papers). Edge said a few years later, after Paula had died, that everyone around her had know that she was on a slippery slope.

    Emma Tomlin emma.tomlin@live.co.uk ( 5th of October 2008)