Unforgettable Fire


  1. I believe that MLK is brillant piece of work about Martin Luther King that can almost (or maybe can be)seen as a eulogy for a great man, hence Sleep,sleep tonight, and may your dreams be realized refering to the I Have A Dream-speech.

    Greg Richolson gricholson@auburn.campus.mci.net (contributed before the 20:th of February 1998)

  2. It is an interesting and remarkable coincidence that the three Hebrew letters for the title of this song, MLK, reads 'melech' which means 'king' (ancient/traditional Hebrew texts do not have imbedded vowels). This would be appropriate given that 'MLK', of course, stands for Martin Luther King. This was probably not just a coincidence on the part of Dr. King's father, but Bono might have known of this coincidence, being an intelligent and knowledgeable fellow.

    Jonathan Tay angelsoulblade@hotmail.com (4th of June 2006)