Unforgettable Fire

Indian Summer Sky

  1. It's my belief that Indian Summer Sky was influenced by Bono reading a novella called "Blue Lemonade" that I wrote and sent to him in the early months of 1984. Bono was very gracious to write me back and offer encouragement. "It's a blue sky" is a repeated lyric that is a central theme to Blue Lemonade. "You give yourself, you give it all away." This lyric, I believe, is central to the main character, who gives his life to save those he loves. The story is about four boys in Belfast at the outbreak of The Troubles in August 1969. Although Bono may be totally unaware of this, he also performed a trick on stage during the Zooropa tour that comes directly from the story, where he shakes a bottle of pop (maybe champagne?) and bursts it open in a glorious luminescent fountain upon a member of the audience. I got a real kick out of seeing this.

    Steve McCann mccann37@cogeco.ca (contributed before the 20:th of February 1998)