1. It is about the selling of products using sexual imagery. We all know that if we wash our hair with Head and Shoulders that we will attract many (beautiful) members of the opposite sex. We are being sold an unreal fantasy (Cover girl with natural grace/ How could beauty be so kind/ To an ordinary guy).

    Geoff Guenther guenther@flair.law.ubc.ca (contributed before the 20:th of February 1998)

  2. Babyface is about a man who probably doesn't get out much and is facinated with this beautiful girl on TV. He comes home late at night, to turn you on (the TV), I've seen you so many times I feel like I must me your best friend. with the sound and color under my control (the TV), Checkin' out every frame, I got slow motion on my side... (more TV). She's coming to me from outer space (satelites).

    Jacob Slusser hansolo@sure.net (contributed before the 20:th of February 1998)

  3. I was just thinking that this song could be about supermodel Naomi Campbell that Adam Clayton had a brief relationship and painful breakup with. The breakup so traumatised him that he even crashed out and missed ( i think ) a Sydney concert where a roadie had to fill in for him. Evidence that the song is definatley about a catwalk model - 'tin foil hair' , ' turning around and around' & 'covergirl'. I'm guessing that after the breakup, Clayton missed Naomi and the only way he could see her was through the televison waves 'coming to me(Clayton) from outerspace'. He obsesses about her and records clips down to 'check(ing) out every frame'. It is also intersting to note that it is belived that Naomi was adament about breaking up, initiated it and carried it through. Clayton saw the relationship slip out of his control. The guy in the song now (Clayton?) however, is back in control of the situation and more importantly, the girl on the TV as he holds the remote with all 'sound and color under my(his) control', and 'slow motion on my(his) side'. It was also widely speculated that Clayton and Campbell were engaged and going to be married and so with the breakup, Clayton in the song pleads for Naomi to 'open that door and let me unpack my(his) (suit)case' ie. move back into her life/start a home. Clayton also wonders aloud in hindsight during the song many times 'How could beauty be so kind, To an ordinary guy?' One thing though, I am not sure if this song was written before or after Clayton and Campbell met and later broke up. If the Naomi episode did not happen yet when the song was written, then this whole interpretation would be wrong. Another thing is that the song talks about a model with 'bright blue eyes' ....does Campbell have those? Maybe just poetic license by Bono again.

    Bono bono@mail.es.co.nz (28:th of April 1998)