1. Although numb obviously has a base in the media, there is more to it than meets the eye. This is the second, to my knowledge, song penned exclusivly by The Edge and it says alot about what may be his role in the band, in the world, in his life. There are both musical references in the song, Dont miss the one beat / just play another chord-if you think your getting bored, and references to being dominated by another person/people(who could be more dominating than Bono?)dont grieve without leave / dont try to make sense. The song also seems to have had a positive effect on Edge's profile in the media and role in the band. Prior to NUMB, Bono grabed much of the attention and did almost all of the talking all of the time. Now it seems Edge isnt settling for that anymore.

    FarawaySoClose female_q@hotmail.com (20:th of February 1998)

  2. Numb is about how The Edge felt when he split up with his wife. The felt like he couldn't do anything, he was useless. He felt numb.

    oscar rosello oscarrosello@hotmail.com (15:th of April 2001)